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Designing with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Designing with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet

Most interior design trends have short lives (some don’t even last one season!) but eco-friendly values are definitely here to stay. Sustainable materials offer countless benefits. Using repurposed furniture pieces in a design helps shrink the budget, reduce strain on the environment, and best of all, they add unique character to a space that exists nowhere else.

Reclaimed Wood Table

One particularly exciting possibility within the world of reclaimed furniture is boatwood. As the name suggests, these pieces are constructed with planks from boats that no longer float. Usually, the soon-to-be-ex boat owner will donate or sell their failing craft to carpenters or another tradesman. Boards that have retained their structural integrity are spruced up and set aside for projects. Their distinct finishes are kept in tact while the cleaning, sealing and straightening jobs are completed. Sometimes shops will augment the prominent boatwood with traditional hardwood frames, legs or accents. More complex pieces like dressers, chests and TV stands benefit most from this partnership. We also offer boatwood pieces with metal frames– these have an industrial vibe, so they should be utilized in contemporary, industrial or eclectic spaces.

Reclaimed Wood Drawers

The complexion of boatwood is often colorful, roughly textured and always unique. This characteristic paves an easy path for boatwood pieces to serve as focal points in their appointed spaces. A boatwood coffee table could accompany any style sofa, but it will always be the star. Accent pillows that complement the tones in the wood will bring the space together. Another time-honored setup involves smaller boatwood side tables flanking a sofa or pair of accent chairs. Boatwood shelving can be installed above a fireplace, or even used as a frame for wall-hung artwork.

All this hype about boatwood is not meant to shadow the astounding possibilities of other reclaimed woods. These boards come from torn-down barns, homes, factories, wine casks, shipping crates and plentiful other sources. As a bonus, all of these interesting sources include fascinating conversation starters. If you own an older home, you may already have some beautiful wood in your garage rafters or on the attic floor. As if the gorgeous charm of it wasn’t enough, reclaimed wood is also stronger than modern wood. Because it was usually harvested decades ago, reclaimed wood is from a generation of stronger trees than the modified forests we have today. This means reclaimed wood is harder and more durable than modern furniture woods. The classic warm tones of these pieces lend themselves to incorporation in any style of home. Live-edge side tables will sit beautifully next to both an Eames chair or a large cushioned sectional. Reclaimed dining tables feature unique knots, grains and amber tones that no other table can possess, plus you get to admire them up-close every day! Consider pairing a colorful bedspread with a pair of stunning side tables. You could also select a beautiful bench to place along the foot of your bed, whether it happens to be modern, bohemian or arts and crafts style.

Reclaimed Wood Chair

However you use reclaimed wood furniture, ensure that proper lighting and complementary surroundings do its gorgeous appearance justice, and don’t forget to stand back and enjoy the unique beauty of it!

Rajasthan Container Unloaded 960 720 giladmin

Rajasthan Container Unloaded

Latest container from our friends in Rajasthan unloaded and in the shop. Just in time for our New Year Sale.

See you soon folks.

Just arrived from our friends in Bali 720 960 giladmin

Just arrived from our friends in Bali

Loads of beautiful new stock in store now!

Some cracking Christmas prezzie ideas!

Why not come down and have a browse.

Or if you see something you like drop us a line.



Quality Kitchen Work Top Project 960 540 giladmin

Quality Kitchen Work Top Project

Finishing touches to a quality kitchen project. Lengths of Mahogany sourced in Java. A beautiful Indonesia accent to the granite worktops.

Another happy Gila Timur customer.

Get in touch if we can help you source that special something.

Bali Unique Furniture Quest 1024 768 giladmin

Bali Unique Furniture Quest

Just arrived in Bali!

Looking for something new and different today. Furniture all ready to ship and will arrive England soon.

Look out for these to hit our site in the next few weeks.


Bespoke Sideboard Made From Recycled Scaffold Planks 1024 847 giladmin

Bespoke Sideboard Made From Recycled Scaffold Planks

We have made this bespoke sideboard for a very happy customer. It’s made from recycled scaffold planks. Made to their design and requirements of 2m long to complement a long wall. Looks fantastic in its new home.

40ft Container Unloaded Today 1024 768 giladmin

40ft Container Unloaded Today

40ft container unloaded today from Java. Loads of garden stone statues, Buddhas, root teak tables, recycled wood furniture and much more. All on SALE THIS WEEKEND. Come urgently before we sell out.

Big Bank Holiday Sale In Store 768 1024 giladmin

Big Bank Holiday Sale In Store

All stock from unloaded java container that arrived yesterday is now displayed in our Hitchin shop. This weekend is BIG BANK HOLIDAY SALE. 1st to come, get the bargains….