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Bali Volcano Eruption Refugees

Yesterday I visited The Bali Street Kid’s Orphanage to donate some money from Gila Timur and my family. They are overwhelmed with refugee children that have evacuated villages surrounding Mount Agung Volcano which is about to erupt any day now. There are about 60 refugee children aged between 4 and 14 years old here plus the usual 40 orphans they take care of they are looked after by Putu, Michael and their local volunteers. Their parents stay in local refugee shelters nearer to the volcano and visit their farms in the day to feed animals at their own risk. Last time the volcano erupted it killed over 1000 people so they are trying to prevent this happening again.

Gila Timur will be selling Bali street kids Dolls and the money received will be donated to help the disadvantaged children here.